Sunday, May 14, 2023

20 books of Summer

 Now that we are in May, I am going to be posting the books that I want to read this summer. Not sure how many I will get to. I do have some vacations planned in the summer so hopefully some reading time there.

There is a challenge called  20 books of Summer. Not sure if I read them all about I will try. You might see some books from last year challenge, hopefully I do better this year.


 I am doing a challenge where I read 20 books from June 1 to Sept 1, 2023.  This challenge is hosted by 746 books.  If you want to check out the link, here it is:



Here is my list of books that I am hoping to read  in the summer. There is a variety of genres from thriller, cozy mystery, chick lit and some summer type books.



  1. I see several books that I have read and enjoyed, so know you are in for a good time. Good luck.

  2. What a great idea Viki. I see a couple I've read. Nice variety too so you won't get bored with just one genre. Enjoy your summer vacation.

  3. Lots to like here, Viki💜 I recently added the Luanne Rice book. Enjoy!