Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What I am loving

There is this cool thing on one of the blogs that I go to is called Loving Wednesday,  here is the link to the blog -  if you want to go and check it out yourself.

What I am loving this Wednesday....

1.  I am loving that I almost done my Christmas shopping

2.  I love that I am going to be starting my Christmas baking this weekend!! Yay!

3.  I love that Gingerbread Latte is back. If you saw the last time I did this, I was happy about the the fall latte. I like because I don't get coffee often

Sunday, December 4, 2011

To Do List

Here it is my Dec To Do List.  At the end of the month, I will let you know how much of it I actually got done.

  1. Finished my Christmas cards and send them out by Dec 9
  2. Get The House More Organized and try to have a better schedule
  3. Work on crafts ( painting... scrapbooks.. etc
Wedding To Do List
  1.  Email the Wedding Officant and let them know that we do want them for our wedding
  2. Pick A Photographer or at least set up a time to see a photographer by the end of the Dec
  3. Look at bridal stores online and see where I want to go and look in Jan/Feb

I am starting to stress myself about the wedding, I know it is not until Sept 2012, but I already worried that I am not going to get everything done in time, but I know I just need to relax and everything will get done.