Monday, May 13, 2013

Baby Talk


Today is Tuesday which means baby talk!!! We are going to talk about baby goals and new mom questions.

Baby goals
  • Finish the nursery by the end of June/beginning of July. The only thing thing we have in there so far is a changing table. I think we don't need to buy a drawer as we have something else we already have ( so I can save money!!)
  • Buy crib and chair for the nursery. I have some ideas of what I want. Any advice for new moms what to look for in a crib?
  • Paint a picture for the nursery.
One thing that I noticed is how overwhleming when you go to these baby stores ( baby r us... etc) I ve been have been reading what you actually need but I still feel a bit overwhelmed, but I think that is normal.  I am so excited to get everything ready for the baby, I have got some stuff already, but I still feel like I need a lot more.

So here is my question to my readers: what are your must haves for the first month?

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  1. So fun decorating the nursery! I would say the best, best, best thing we had that first month was the swaddlers! particular the Halo Sleep Sacks w/ Swaddle! We wrapped Kenley up like a little burrito and she slept like a champ! :) Thanks for linking up!