Tuesday, April 22, 2014

It is Tuesday and I thought you all might want a baby update.

 9 months update.

Weight: 17 pounds and 10oz

Sleep: She is doing good for sleep. She goes to sleep at 7:30pm and wakes up between 6am-6:30am. Naps for about an hour in the morning and the afternoon.

Social: She is definitely very social, she loves our mommy and me class so she can play with other kids. She smiles at everybody.

Diet: She loves eating. She is eating a lot of regular food now, she loves bananas and toast. 

Clothes: Mostly 6-12 clothes, but a few 9 months outfits.

Baby Gear Love: Love her stroller and ergo carrier.

Loves: Bath, swimming, being outside, going in stroller, swings

Firsts: First Easter, First Tooth

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  1. Your daughter is beautiful. She reminds me of baby Aurora from the recent Maleficent film. I think it's really cute that you're recording all of these firsts and valuable memories.

    Ellen @ Glamorous Book Lounge