Saturday, November 8, 2014



I am trying to be better at writing reviews, so here are two reviews for the last two books I finished.

Genre: Thriller/Suspense
It is part of a series - no
Rating- 4.5/5

Review: I really enjoy this book, there was a lot of suspense and lots of twist in the book that I didn't even see coming, which I always love.  If you like suspense, you will like it.

Genre: Science Fiction
It is part of a series - no
Rating - 4/5

Review: My husband loves to read science fiction books so i thought I would try to read one. I love this book, it was slow at the beginning but once you got into it, I love it. It was a pretty short book compared to other books I read, but it was still great. I will defintely try more science fiction books in the future.

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