Saturday, April 2, 2016

Month in review

I didn't do as great as I would like this month in reading but seeing as I have two kids now, there are going to be months like that.

Monthly Recap- March

Books read

Genre: historical romance - 1
             Thriller/suspense- 1

Best book of the month: I will have to say neither were amazing books but I liked Zoo better than River Lady.

Goals for April:

Read four books ( Already finish one book in April so I know that there is a chance I can do it, especially if we keep on having nice weather)

Write at least 1 or 2 reviews a month


  1. All go for April - one down already! When both reads were good then that is a big plus.

  2. Ha gotta come back! I meant to say I was watching a programme on William and Kate and the fact that a nanny with two kids means a lot of work with the family. I am a royal fan but ... real people have not even one nanny!

  3. I read Zoo - crazy book! It was made into a mini-series on tv but I couldn't bring myself to watch it...reading the book was one thing, but watching it come to life - no way! Hope you have a great April!

  4. Hi,
    Read Zoo, I didn't like it very well. Which was disappointing as I'm a huge James Patterson fan.
    Have a great day!