Sunday, July 3, 2016

Week In Review

It has been a while since I have been on here.  I have been busy with the two kids and just not feeling that great. But I am feeling better now.

Onto my reading:


Time Flies - 3.5/5 - It was a nice easy read. I like the characters and it was cool that they went on a road trip. Look forward to reading more by this author.

Deserve to Die - 4/5 -  Great book to the series.  I like reading about the characters again.  Looking forward to reading the next one when it comes out next year.

Currently reading:

So far so good.

Up next to read:


  1. Two chn Viki - full on! Nice to see you got through a couple of reads. Glad you are feeling better and hopefully onwards and upwards!

  2. I hope you like "The Martian"! I thought it was great fun but my husband, an engineer, "didn't think there was enough science in it." Ugh! I think he was just being contrary and didn't want to admit how much he liked it!

  3. I'm curious about the Martian. It's supposed to be funny and intense. Happy Reading!

  4. Lovely books! I have read a couple of novels by Iris Johansen, so The Ugly Duckling is calling to me.

    Claire Cook is also good for some total immersion in a book, and I haven't read Time Flies yet. Thanks for sharing...and here are MY WEEKLY UPDATES

  5. Nice assortment of books. I enjoy Iris Johansen's books. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

  6. Tell It to the Skies looks interesting. I am considering Martian.

  7. Tell it to the skies looks like a good one. Hope you enjoy your books this week. Have a good week.

  8. Glad to hear you're feeling better now! I'm seeing you're reading a nice variety of books. I'm really curious to The Martian, let me know what your thoughts are after you've read it ^_^

    Oh my god, it's Monday!

  9. I really liked the Martian. I think the best review was a friend who said she really liked it -- "It's not science fiction at all" which was funny because it's pretty much the poster child for science fiction, but what she meant was that she liked it even though she doesn't usually read stuff like that :-)