Sunday, September 18, 2016

Week in review

My week was pretty good. I finished a book this week.

We are some nice weather this week but it seems like the upcoming week is going to be rainy, which is ok with me. I look forward to the fall weather.

The kids are doing well, keeping me busy.


Great book. Love it.  I will be posting a review later this week.

Currently reading:

So far so good.

Up next to read:

Currently watching:

I am currently watching Bones Season 1 and Psych Season 3. I am enjoying both of these shows.


  1. Ah we have just had a heap of rain but sun shining into my eyes as I write this morning. For how long though, who knows. Glad you enjoyed the Erica James book and are in thriller mode right now.

  2. I love fall weather and I'm looking forward to it too. The Waterfall looks good, I like that cover.

  3. My mom has been a Bones addict for years, she re-watched all the seasons on Netflix!

  4. I read a few of Johansen's early works (back when she wrote for Loveswept) and I really enjoyed her work. Although they were all fairly typical romance novels there was something that shone through. I can't believe I haven't tried any of her more recent works!

    Here's my weekly round up: #IMWAYR

  5. I hope you are enjoying Bones, I went through a phase of loving it a few years ago but I haven't wantched it recently. I have seen Carla Neggers around alot but haven't had the chance to read any of her books.I hope to one day. Sophie Kinsella books are always delightful.
    Have a great reading week!
    Amanda @ Mrs B's Book Reviews

  6. Looks like some very interesting books here. Enjoy.

  7. The Ugly Duckling looks awesome! I added that to my Wishlist :)