Monday, July 2, 2012

July goals

I found this cool linkup. It is about doing goals, I thought that would be a good idea especially with the wedding coming up.

Here are July goals: I diecide to put it in two parts,  personal goals and wedding goals:

Personal Goals

1: Try making some new recipes
2: Start doing a budget
3: Try to do one scrapbooking layout
4: Try to update my blog three times a week

Wedding Goals:

1: Find some wedding shoes
2: Start doing the seating chart
3: Get some engagement photos done and pick a frame to put them in.

Let's see how this month.  Also this month I have my bridal shower!! Yay.


  1. When is your wedding? I'm getting married July 21! So soon! Updating the blog three times a week is a great goal!

  2. I am getting married on Sept 15, 2012. Congrats on your wedding, that is soon. Time just flies by, I can't believe how close the wedding is.

  3. i need to try new recipes as well... but something about the heat, the last thing i want to do is cook! i went to the grocery store and only bought fruit, salad and popsicles haha.

    your wedding goals sound fun :) can't wait to see how you do... thanks for linking up!

  4. I am all about Pinterest for new recipes! :) And when are you getting married??? So exciting!

    Thanks for linking up with us!

    1. I found some cool recipes on pinterest too, just need to actually make them.

      I am getting married on Sept 15, 2012. Very exciting!!