Monday, May 4, 2015

So one of my favourite blog - .Being Mrs Beer 
joined with  :shirazinmysippycup  to do a girl box swap.  My daughter loves opening gifts so she was excited to open. The book came from Karen Hansen. Thanks so much!!

Her favourite things in there was crayons, coloring book and balls, which doesn't susprise me as that is what she is loving right now.

I took some pictures, but she is at the age where it is hard to take pictures, so here is a few pictures.

There is:

Coloring book, crayons, paints, water balls, beach ball, cup, freebie, notebook, scarf for me. I am sure I am missing something!!

This was a lot of fun and she will have lots of stuff to do in the summer.


  1. What a fun swap! The pics look so cute too. Awesome.

  2. She looks so excited about her goodies! This was a fun swap, I love seeing how excited the girls are to get their boxes. :)

  3. I'm so glad that the package made it to you :) And I'm super happy that she loved all of her new goodies!!

  4. Cute as pics. How exciting and what a great idea.