Sunday, May 31, 2015

Monthly Wrap

One of my favorite blogs - Book Date has started a  link-up. I love seeing what other people have reading this month.

 I didn't do as well as I want to do for reading this month. It just seems like I am busy all the time. I am going to make more time for myself in June so hopefully I can read 3 or maybe 4 books.

Month In Review - May 2015

Number of Books read: 2

New Authors I tried this month:

I tried a book by Cynthia Baxter, I will defintely read more books by her. It was a great book.

Genre I read this month:

Thriller - 1
Cozy mystery -1


  1. Always nice to find an author that's new but you find you enjoy. When you are a busy Mom ( I was going to say Mum but then remembered talking to someone in US) it must be difficult to sneak a bit of reading time in.

  2. I usually don't read too many books each month. I just hope the ones are read are good. Enjoy this month!

  3. I hope to get to Allison's Compulsion this month. Happy June reading.