Friday, October 30, 2015


Update on my goals that I posted in Sept.  I did well in some of them.  Here is a refresh of the goals, and my comments will be in red:

Book goals:

Read at least one or two halloween type books for me ( it is will problably be cozy mysteries)

I  did not read any Halloween type books this time.

Things I want to do with my daugther:

Go to a pumpkin patch in Oct
- We went there and she had a great time. There was a lot of stuff for her to do.
Go to a petting zoo/farm near our house
- We did not get to the petting zoo, but she did get to feed a goat and see other farm animals at the pumpkin patch!
Read fall type books to her and get her jump in leaves for the first time

Lots of fall and Halloween books ( mostly the same one of course) and we have gone to the park many times and she has jumped in the leaves!!

Go to a toddler drop in class where she can meets kids her ages

We did not get to toddler drop in class, let's hope next month I do!

Blogs goals:

Post more reviews
I have posted more reviews, so I am happy about that!

Post more tv/movies posts.

I haven't write any tv/movie posts, hopefully that changes next month.

Puzzles goals:

Finish the puzzle I am doing and start on the fall puzzles before November is here.I

I am currently doing a fall puzzle right now, so I am happy about.

Here is Nov/Dec goals:

  • Go on a Christmas train around the park near us
  • Read Christmas/Winter books ( at least 5 books)
  • Write a blog post for any Christmas movie I watch
  • Take my daughter to drop in toddler class
  • Go to storytime more often at the library
  • Do Christmas crafts with my daughter


  1. Some fab goals! You're doing better on the puzzles than me, mine has sort of tipped sideways but must right it and get on with it.
    The toddler drop in class should be fun. I loved going to help out at my gran nieces toddler's place for a few weeks. So love kids this age. Enjoy - I know you have them 24hrs!!

  2. Marian Keyes is really good and Nora Roberts and Debbie Macomber.:)

  3. Great goals for November/December! I enjoyed The Next Always but then I'm a big Nora Roberts fan. Here is a summary of my week. Happy reading!

  4. What a great idea, making a post for your goals each month. Its a good motivator and a way to reflect on past months.