Sunday, February 14, 2016

Week in review

It has been a couple of weeks since I posted on here.

Things are going well with the new baby. She is a pretty relax baby, so that is always good. Her sister is really enjoying being a big sister.

My husband goes back to work on Thursday, so I am a bit nervous about being alone with two kids, but I am going to just take one step at a time.

I did finish two books in the last couple of weeks.


The Last Boyfriend - 4//5- I really enjoy this book. I really like this book before than the first one of the series. Can't wait to read the last one in the series.

Two For the Dough -  3.5/ 5 - Great addition to the series.  Can't wait to read more of this series and see what the main character get into next!

Currently reading:

So far I am really enjoying this thriller. She is a great suspense/thriller author.

Up next to read:


  1. So happy to hear all is well. Yes will be busy when hubby goes back to work. Lap the time up before he does! Yes I really liked that NR series. It was good!

  2. The Janet Evanovich books are funny. The Zoo was also a good book.

    Theresa (The Truth About Books)
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  3. I absolutely binge watched the Zoo tv series on Netflix, it was sooooo good, so I need to get my hands on the book!!

  4. Love Nora Roberts' books.

    I like River Lady too.

    I hope your week is good.

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