Friday, January 2, 2015

Goals for Jan/Feb

I hope everybody had a great New Years Eve! Now that we are in Jan, I thought I would post some goals I have planned, I don't called them resolutions because they are just things that I want to do more of.

I am going to post goals for the next two months and then come back at the end of that second month( Feb) and show how far I have come!!

Book goals:

Read at least 6 books out of my to read shelf at home
Read a different genre that I usually do

 Personal goals:

Get my learner drivers license ( I never learn to drive when I was 16 and now that I have a kid, I want to drive)

Go swimming at least once a week

Crafting goals:

Finish a scrapbook
Paint at least twice a month
Start to use sewing machine more and start doing a project on it.

1 comment:

  1. Good to just think ahead for two months. Hope your driving goes well, it does help to get around, I didn't learn until I was in my twenties. I want to learn to use my sewing machine!! I want to learn quilting, I have a few videos from Crafty and I will get to it in a month or two. All the best with these goals.