Sunday, January 4, 2015

It's Monday

I can't believe that is Monday already. It has been an interesting weekend, my daughter has learnt to climb out of her crib, so we tried to get that figure out.

Onto books:


I really enjoyed this book and look forward to reading more books by her.

Currently reading:

Up next to read:


  1. Wrapped Up in You looks a great seasonal read -
    and have Katie Fforde on my list as well - enjoy!

    1. Kate fforde is an author I have been meaning to read for a while so i thought it was time to do it.

  2. Oh no! Crib escaper! Haven't read Ice but will wait to see what you think. Have read CA Walking on Air. Read everything by her! Silver Thaw is on its way to me in the post. Haven't ever read Katie Fforde but picked up one of hers at a book fair so will try her out eventually.

  3. I am bit behind in Catherine Anderson books so I am looking forward to catching up. Katie fforde is a author that I have been meaning to read for awhile now.

  4. A good mix of books there.

    PS. Maybe your daughter needs to wear those bell anklets or bracelets? ;-)

  5. Secret Sings sounds like a good read. Enjoy reading!

    Take a look at what I'm reading this week.

  6. Loving your list of books for up next. Also read Wrapped Up in You a while back and LOVED it! Carole Matthews certainly has a way with words :D