Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Since my blog is actually named hobbies and everything in between, I thought I would talk about one of my favorite hobbies to do,  which is doing puzzles.

I think I have just as many puzzles as I have books, that is how much I love to do puzzles.

I have been doing puzzles since I was a little girl, and even since then, I have collected many of them. I stop doing puzzles for a bit while dealing with having a infant in the house, but now that my daughter is a toddler and actually has a bedtime, I do puzzles at night. I love to do puzzles as it relaxs me and I love seeing the end result.

Some of my favorites to do are:

Hometown collection puzzles
any puzzles with food in it
Charles Wysocki

Once I finish the puzzle I am working on right now, I will post a picture so you can see. 


  1. Something else we have in common, Viki - do puzzles too, a latecomer to them, sort of caught the bug from others! Only certain ones appeal to me, at the moment I am doing The Bizzare Bookshop 2 - a lot of fun but more difficult that I thought it would be. I take ages to finish them though. Look forward to the pic when yours is finished.

  2. I love puzzles but with one spawn and many cats, it's not feasible at the moment, so I do them online - lol. I love Charles Wysocki's style - I've done one of his designs in cross-stitch. :-)