Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sunday Post

Hope everybody had a good weekend. It was pretty sunny here, so we took my daughter to the splash park for the first time, she wasn't sure about it, but I am sure by the end of the summer she will love it.

I didn't  finish a book this week, but I am really enjoying the book I am reading.

I could not finished this book, as it was from the library and it was 14 day loan and I didn't have time to finish it. When I put it on hold, I didn't know it was a 14 day loan, so I will to look out for another time.

Currently reading:

I am enjoying this book so far. It was slow at first, and then I start to read more and more, and I liked it.

Next to read:


  1. A pity about the 14 day book, we usually get ours for three weeks, but perhaps that is a popular book. I do hope you enjoy the J D Robb Naked in Death, it is an amazing series and just gets better and better. I read one J Weiner book but didn't enjoy it that much so haven't tried her again, maybe one day! I enjoy Fern Michaels but again haven't read anything of hers for ages. Enjoy summer and the water!

  2. Yes that book was a popular book. Most of our library books are three weeks too. Do you remember which Jennifer Weiner you read?