Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sunday Post

Hope everybody had a good weekend.  I was sick most of the weekend, so I did not get a lot of reading done. Whenever I am sick, I don't feel like reading much.

Reading right now.

I am loving it. It is great so far! I can see why so many people love this series.  Now I am feeling better, I can read more to it, yay!!

Up next to read:


  1. Sorry to hear not well, hope you are soon back to full health. Looks like you have great reading planned and good to know you like Naked in Death - and the books only get better!

  2. The In Death series is just fantastic! I am up to book thirty something and I am not bored of it at all.

    Heather @ Random Redheaded Ramblings

  3. Glad you're liking the JD Robb series. I want to try it out one day!