Monday, December 7, 2015


I decide that I am only going to do two challenges next year - the goodread challenge and Woman Fiction Challenge. With a new baby coming in January and having a toddler, I am not sure how much reading is going to get now, so I didn't want to do many challenges.

So onwards to the Woman Fiction Challenge. I love doing this challenge this year, so I knew that I had to pick this one as the only other challenge that I am going to do. You should defintely check out it if you love Woman Fiction.

 This challenge is for those who enjoy reading women's fiction. There are different levels. I am going to go with Motivated first.

Here are the different levels:

  • Motivated 1- 5
  • Savvy     6 - 10
  • Classy    11- 20
  • Go-getter  20 -30
  • Fearless  30+
I will post the list of the books in this post.

1: Summer Rental - Mary Kay Andrews
2: Inn At Rose Harbor -  Debbie Maccomber
3: Summer of Us - Holly Chamberlain
4:  Heart and Soul - Maeve Binchy
5: Tell It to the Skies - Erica James


  1. Good on you Vicki! :) Hope you find the time, you're going for the 1-5 level so even if you read one, you will complete level one of the challenge. Just saying!

    1. Thanks. That is why I did the lowest one. Thanks for hosting this challenge!