Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Year In Review

Year In Review:

This has been a great year.  We found out that we are expecting again.  In less than a month time, we will have a newborn!

Reading Wise, I have been enjoying reading a lot more this year.  I read 40 books.  I love doing the meme " What I am reading this Monday". I like seeing what other people are reading, every though it makes my to read list much bigger.

Top 5 New Authors that I will read again

 They were all great authors and I can't wait to read more by them.

Top 5 Thriller/Suspense

They are all authors that I read before, but they were so great books, I can't wait to read more by all these authors next year.

Favourite  new series that I read this year:

I didn't read many new series this year ( which is good for my to read list), but this is one series that I have heard about many times on blogs, I thought it was time to read it. I am glad that I start this series, I hope to read of the series next year.


  1. 40 books is amazing, you did really well. I need to read that Sarah Addison Allen book, it is sitting on my TBR bookshelf saying "read me" and as it was one of your faves then 2016 should be a year for me to read it.

  2. Round of applause for Carole Matthews. I read her for the first time this year and will read her books again for sure. I would like to read a Lisa Jackson book too. I have a couple on my shelf to be read. Sara Addison Allen is an author that I have enjoyed, but I haven't read that one. Looks like you had a great year. Happy 2016!