Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A year in a review.

This has been a great year for me, bookwise and personally too.

My daughter turned one this year and is now getting into everything. She loves me to read to her all the time.  I left my job and become a full time stay at home mom, so that has been great for me. Here is a couple of pictures of me and my daughter.

Now onto books:

Favourite books that I read this year:

Favourite new author to me:

Danielle Steel. I just started reading her books this year and I will definitely be reading books by her next year.

New Genre that I read this year:  I start to read science fiction book this year, my husband is a big science fiction fan, so he was happy that I am starting to read some of the same type of books that he likes.

I read 36 books this year, which is really good for me, as last year I only read 17 books. I am hoping to do a lot better next year.

So I talked about crafting posts in the last post. I got a question. Do you want to read about something I am working on or favourite products? Thanks.

Happy new year to everybody.

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  1. Your daughter is beautiful and at such an adorable age. I haven't read the book by Luanne Rice but like her writing and must add this one to my list. I haven't read anything by Danielle Steel for ages but have a few on my shelf.

    Love to hear about any craft etc you are working on.