Sunday, December 21, 2014

Another challenge

 I found another challenge called
  2015 Prequel & Sequel Challenge, hosted by Novel Heartbeat and Writer Grrl Reads


This challenge does it by points:

1 point for each prequel or sequel novella read and review

2 points for each full-length sequel read and reviewed

10 points for completing and reviewing a full series (doesn’t require novellas)

 You do not get points for the first book in a series

At the end of the challenge, add up your points
  • 25-50 points: Amateur
I am hoping to get to Amateur  at the end of the year


Series that I am thinking of using for this challenge are as followed.

1: Kay Hooper  - Bishop/Special Crimes Unit series ( I have 3 books left in the series to read)
2: Jennifer Chiaverni - Elm Creek Series ( 12 books left to read)
Read One book -  The Winding Way Quilt, so I get 2 points for that.

3:Catherine Coulter - FBI Thriller series  ( 5 books left in the series)
 Read one book - Whiplash, so I now only have 5 books left to read.  I have get 2 points for reading the book

4:Jenn McKinley - Cupcake Bakery cozy mystery series ( 4 books left to read)

I gave myself a variety of different books and I am sure that I will not finish all these series, but hopefully get a bit closer to it.


  1. Good luck, I read the first one in the Elm Creek series and would like to get back to it some time.

  2. Thanks for joining in our Prequel & Sequel Challenge! Hope you do well this year =)