Sunday, December 28, 2014

It's Monday

It's Monday, what I am reading.

I finished:

It was an ok book, not sure if I am going to continue the series.

Currently reading:

 I am enjoying it so far, it is not really a christmas book, but it is still good.

Up next to read

I also going to be doing some new things for the blog in the upcoming weeks

  • TV Tuesday - where I talk about TV Shows.. etc
  • Scrapbooking/Cardmaking/crafting post ( It is either going to be on Thursdays or Fridays) 

I also going to be posting my year in review on Tuesday.


  1. Will be looking forward to those crafting posts. Only a small time "trier" myself but enjoy learning. Can knit though!! Carole Matthews book looks my style but haven't read anything by her. I enjoy Linda Howard as well.

    1. Thanks. I am going to be doing more crafting things in the new year so I thought I would post about. Anything that you would like to read about in the crafting posts?

      The Carole Matthews book is good, just need to find time to read!

  2. Nice book selection! I read ICE a while ago and enjoyed it.

  3. Nice assortment of books. I used to read Linda Howard all the time but haven't for years. I hope you enjoy that one. You can see my week here. Have a great week and happy new year!

  4. I'll be looking forward to your craft posts! I enjoy scrapbooking, but haven't had much of a chance to work on it lately....sigh!